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First Week: Unreal

We have just started using the unreal engine, which creates video games. This software is amazing because it brings your creations to life in a playable fashion.

Second Week: Character

We are currently learning the fundementals of character creation, blueprints and world creation. My current character is a Saxaphone player who so happens to be a chimp. His name is Cameron the sax chimp. He was performing a live concert when suddenly! Cameron got transported to a mystical world, however undead music players exist in this mysterious world. Now Cameron must collect all the music notes to create a piece that will teleport him back to his world.THis is Cameron's story so far.

Third Week: Actor Blueprint

After creating our character, we started to work on our levels more. Interactable items was the main focus of this weeks lesson. In order to create these new interactable objects we used coins or tokens to interacte with. In my world I creatd blue tokens and an orange cube. The blue token lets you progress in the level after gathering the all. THe orange cube lets you jump high in the sky to collect more blue tokens. When you collect a blue token, a particle will be left off to indicate that you've collected the token. In order to make this change, I had to make a "token blueprint" to make these objects interactable.


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Soccer is the original

Football, Just Saying.